D. J. Dudziak
1966 unpublished
Thir report war prepared M an account of Qcwemment rpommred work. Neither the Unibd SWaa, nor tbs Commission, nor any penrron acibg on bebrlt of the Commirrtan. A. Ysksr, any warranty or repreaentatlon, expressed or implied, with respect to ths accuracy, complsbnerr, or ueefalaesa d the ~~t I o n coaYalaed ia tbS11 report, or that tba uue of any intbrmation, cpparatua, metbrrd, or pmcemr dl.11cboed fn tbia report may not infringe privetely owned w ; or B. h e u u l e e . n g W i l l t i e .~t h
more » ... W i l l t i e .~t h r e~t o t h e m o f , or for^^^ froatha w e of m y iniowation, qpamtun, metbod, or procen d i m c l d in thls report. A m 4 .k Uler ulrow. " p u r w wttiig on WWf of the ~~~" fnchder nap employee or contractor of the Commirrion, or employee of such contractor, to t&Q errtent that rwh ewkwse m wmtmornr of tlw Conualcmb, or employee af ruch aantnctar mepama. dtaaembates, or provide6 accem to, any iniommtb purrmt to his employment or aontract wlth k b Commi8uien, or BLm eqleyrawt nith uPlh @mktmmtur. --Thfe report expremes the ~~ ef the a-r or authma d doee nrrt ~lirao-sarily refled tbs atphima or view6 of the Loe Alamoe Scientific LaBowtory. printed in the tb%ed Stsbes o'l America. AvaUsbb faam Clegrlnghouw for Fderal S;cientiZ&c , a d TedmicaI hfb~3tlatipn National Bureau of Stifmdaral97 U . 5.
doi:10.2172/4448547 fatcat:ur3ppncoo5cdjlofc3faej222y