Introduction to the TPLP special issue, logic programming in databases: From Datalog to semantic-web rules

2010 Theory and Practice of Logic Programming  
Much has happened in data and knowledge base research since the introduction of the relational model in Codd (1970) and its strong logical foundations influence its advances ever since. Logic has been a common ground where Database and Artificial Intelligence research competed and collaborated with each other for a long time (Abiteboulet al. 1995). The product of this joint effort has been a set of logic-based formalisms, such as the Relational Calculus (Codd 1970), Datalog (Ceriet al. 1990),
more » ... scription Logics (Baaderet al. 2007), etc., capturing not only the structure but also the semantics of data in an explicit way, thus enabling complex inference procedures.
doi:10.1017/s1471068410000086 fatcat:2zi7w5eejvanpknuncdy6qmw2e