Gravitational geons in (1+1) dimensions

Dan N Vollick
2008 Classical and quantum gravity  
It is well known that general relativity does not admit gravitational geons that are stationary, asymptotically flat, singularity free and topologically trivial. However, it is likely that general relativity will receive corrections at large curvatures and the modified field equations may admit solutions corresponding to this type of geon. If geons are produced in the early universe and survive until today they could account for some of the dark matter that has been "observed" in galaxies and
more » ... lactic clusters. In this paper I consider gravitational geons in 1+1 dimensional theories of gravity. I show that the Jackiw-Teitelboim theory with corrections proportional to R^2 and R admits gravitational geons. I also show that gravitational geons exist in a class of theories that includes Lagrangians proportional to R^2/3.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/25/17/175004 fatcat:rh56h5nu3bardn33ymtp3mnpte