Source and pattern identification of ground deformation based on the framework of Blind Source Separation--Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: a case study in a long-term GPS monitoring mine [post]

hongyu Gu, fengshan Ma, Liangjun Lin, donghui wang, yongbo Tie, weichang Chen
2021 unpublished
Ground deformation caused by mining affects the safety of underground mining and buildings. High-resolution characterization of ground deformation respond to latent sources is a first step toward improved hazard forecasting. We rely on long-term GPS displacement data and an improved NMF algorithm of BSS to identify the sources driving ground deformation. The NMF identifies three sources (S1, S2, and S3) with distinct spatial and temporal surface deformation patterns and quantitatively reveals
more » ... itatively reveals the contribution of each source to ground deformation. S1 captures horizontal Y-displacement related to horizontal tectonic stress \({{\sigma }}_{1}\). S2 dominates vertical Z-displacement with a widespread isotropous deformation driven by self-weight body force. S3 controls horizontal X-displacement related to horizontal tectonic stress \({{\sigma }}_{2}\). Besides, we find that independent contributions of these three sources can be resolved from the GPS data. The results show that the sharp change of source contribution and even transformation of dominate source are highly related to the severe deformation belt. This phenomenon is time independent, and helps us to select sites and find the potential risk area at its early stage.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:papwjzduc5f3zp7d4ebaab3jjm