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1884 Scientific American  
of Elyria, Ohio. With an uprigbt frame, aaving tubular standards, sliding rods, and wings, a lantern box and glass sides, aTe various novel detail. and combinationsforgoverning and regu lating the movements of railway trains at crossings, drawbridges, block stations, etc. invention covers sucbspecial construction and arrange ment of parts that the full pre"Sllre of steam wlil be on Ihe engine at all times, and the amonnt allowed to enter the cylinder will be regulated by the greater or less
more » ... illg of the valves by the regulator, aCClording to th e load. continu ous electric current is employed for holding signa.! ban· neTA in pOSition to indicate saf,ty, and the current is rapidly interrnpi ed to weaken the power of th e signal magllet and a.llow the signal banner to fan to indicate danger. this being effected by a pecnliar combination of track inst.raments, interrupters, and magnets. A horse hoe has heen patented by Mr. Mal" cns Hardenbrook, of Marysville, Kansas. It is made with fenders npon the inner ends of the hoes to protect small plants from the soil tbrown by the hoes. and there are readdy adjusl able gauge wbeels and stand ard_, the object beil,g to facilitate the cnltivation of small plants. A sulky harrow has been patented by Messrs. Armelder F. Pack and Edwin French. of Em poria, Kamas. This invelltion covers improved appli ances for raismg up the harrows to suspend them from the axle when required, an d to lower them to the ground again, the object being t,o simplify the appli ances, improve their effiCiency, and lessen the labor of operating them. sas. It is made witb curved bars or runners. and in clined beams connected at tbeir forward ends with each ol . her aud tbe curved bars by upri!\ht bars having hori zontal overlapping npper ends, connected at their rear ends by an adjuAtable arched bar, and provided with cutters and fendel's, the cnltivator being especially adapted for cultivating sma'll corn planted in furrows between the ridges in listed land. ••• MISCELLANEOUS INVENTIONS, A fruit and flower stand has been patented by Mr. George W. Fry, of Beaver, Pa, It is formed of a series of bowls or dishes united by detachable stand ards, a sprinkler and water receptacle lldng held on the uppermost stem, the whole heing so constructed that it can be taken apart and compactly folded. A tallying attacbment for measures has heen patented by Mr. James A. Mclnto.h, of Warrell, Pa. TlIis is for vessels employed to measure liquids, to r ecor d the number of times the measure is emptied, and consists of a sliding bandle, witb an index moving in fron t of a dial, carried by a pawl and ratchet attach ments operated by the sliding handle. A camera bas been pat�nted by Me"srs. William H. Lewis and Erast.usB. Barker, of New York city. This invention covers cert.ain novel features in tended to make a lighter and morl' convenient instru ment. and relate� particularly to the foiding bed , the means for secnring the object glass in place, and the construction of the box. A wagon top bas been patented by Mr. Cbarl�s R. Parks, of Arkadelphia, Ark. In combina· tion with a wagon box having longitudinal po ck ets ou the sides i8 a removable wagon top, witlI !claBe rails adapted to be paMsed into the pockels to hold the top on the wagon box, the pockets being fixed or remov able, A culi nary vessel has been patented by Emily A. Stears, of Brooklyn, N. Y. This invelJtion rolates to vessels for cooking varions kinds of food si· multaneously, a tray, with sector shaped pan, fitting into a larger vessel, with convenient devices for passing off the vapors, allowing of a number of different dishes to be convenien tly cooked at the same Lime. A mail bag bas been patented by Mr. Chas. F. Wallers. of Prospect. N, Y. The bag is made of leather similarly to those now used, but has a novel sect·ional construction at and near the mouth end, and in the fastening, so that when being filled or being dumped the month is held open to present a full and clear open ing. An amalgam for filling teetb bas been pa tented by Mr. Walter C. Davis, of St. Petersburg Place, Bayswa tel', Middlesex Co., England. Amalgam filings are coated, by a specia! pro cess, with a "arnish of gnm and gold dust, so that each individual grain or particle of the amalgam is protected from tbe action of the at mosphere or the acill secretions of the month. A oorlJPd fence strip has been patented by Mr. Elhert E. Hawkins. of Wilksbarre. Pa. 'l'he s tr ip is bent to have a U-shaped cross section, and has t=gn .. at the top edge punched alter nately ont of op posite sideR of the strip, eXI eliding alternately in oppo site directions, the strip being easily made from sheet metal. Kll nS;ls. It COn13ist8 of one or more wire8 or wire ropes attached outside the building conveniently near the windows or doors of the different stories, and having succe,sive guards of stirrups and loops, whereby per sons may descend In case of fi re. A pump hilS been patented by Mr. Jobn J. Bircher, of Wilmot, Ohio. This invention covers a novel comtruct.ion in double acting pumps with a single barrel and dn plicate valvular ,snckers, arr anged to reo Address fo r three weeks, W. H. Wright, 128 Sixth St., Brooklyn. E. D., N. Y. transmitter? What is tbe best arrang ement for a cheap and effecl ive telephone, short line? A. Small wire, No. 22 to No. 24, should be used for an acoustic telephone, and connected directly to the tran.mitter, with sufficient rests to relieve the transmitter of undue strain. Small angles may be turned by passing around rubber suspenders. Vibrations are longi tudinal 4. Has heating by electricity been tried effectually, by whom and where, and what substances wer� tried .s radiants for the electrical enerl(Y? A • .Electricity is used only as a regulator of tbe heat, but does not fur nishit. (8) N. S. S. writeR: I wi�h to paint an old buildmg with crude petroleum. Please tell how I can treat tbe oil so a8 to make it dry readily without in jnring its quality for tbe purpose needed. A. The only mixture tbat bas any inlluence npon the petroleum as a paint lubricallt may be fonnd in resin and litbar/(e; about 5 per cent resin powdered will be taken up by the petroleum. an equal qnintity of litharge. Tben add any common eartb colors to thicken for a painl. Tbe volatile part of the petroleum will evaporate. part of the oil will penetrate the wood, leaving the resin to cement the color. (9) G. M. 1.-The best arrangement for deafening lIoors is to have two distinct tiers of beams, one carrymg the 1I00r and the other the ceiling beneatb. Tbe ceiling heams are get lower than the Jloor, and between th.m. We then have tbe ceiling entirely separate from tbe 1I00r. and there is nothing solid to carry the sound. Where this is not practicable. lay a double 1I00ring with a layer of eitber concrete or felt between. The concrete will give a better rp�ult tban the felt, but requires stronger beams. When the sound io to be deadened in the room containing the 1I00r, the felt will probably give the best remit.
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