MTS Model Application to Materials Not Starting in the Annealed Condition

Paul Follansbee
2022 Materials  
Application of the Mechanical Threshold Stress constitutive model becomes challenging when the material of interest is not supplied in the annealed condition with a low initial dislocation density. When the material has some existing warm or cold work, the evaluation of the internal state variables, specification of the activation energies, and analysis of strain hardening can be affected. This paper gives an example of this in molybdenum and presents options for proceeding with the model
more » ... pment. A hypothetical Body-Centered Cubic (BCC) alloy with known model variables is used to demonstrate the issues and solution options.
doi:10.3390/ma15227874 pmid:36431361 pmcid:PMC9697962 fatcat:ve6alb6korfahbv2is56vrtfuu