Improvement over Public Key Cryptographic Algorithm

Deepak Garg, Seema Verma
2009 2009 IEEE International Advance Computing Conference  
Here in this paper our main motive is to improve the In this paper, we have introduced RSA cryptosystem and its efficiency of RSA cryptosystem. The first section of the improvements. There are many cases when there is the need to paper describes brief review of RSA Cryptosystem. In enhance the decryption/signature generation speed at the cost of Second section various methods for the improvement encryption/signature verification speed, e.g., in banks, signature over standard RSA is reviewed.
more » ... n our proposed generation can be in huge amount in a single day as compared scheme is shown with the result analysis. The paper is to only one signature verification in the complete day at then lu in th t setion. receiver side. So here in this paper the main stress is on the then concluded in the last section. improvement of decryption/signature generation cost. Many 2. RSA methods are discussed to improve the same, e.g., Batch RSA, In cryptography, RSA [3] is a public key algorithm. MultiPrime RSA, MultiPower RSA, Rebalanced RSA, RPrime The algorithm was publicly described in 1977 by Ron RSA. The proposed approach to improve decryption/signature Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman at MIT. It is generation speed is given in the paper. We have tried the the first algorithm known to be suitable for encryption as improvement by the combination of MultiPower RSA and well as signing, and one of the first great advances in Rebalanced RSA. Theoretically, the proposed scheme (for key well as cryptgrand RSA is grely ad in length 2048 bits moduli) is about 14 times faster than that given public key cryptography. RSA is widely used in by RSA with CRT and about 56 times faster than the standard electronic commerce protocols. Given sufficiently long RSA. Tabular and graphical comparison with other variants of keys and the use of up-to-date implementations; RSA is RSA is also shown in the paper. believed to be totally secure. The concept behind public-Keywords: ciphertext, encryption, DES key cryptography is to utilize an asymmetric Public-key cryptography has been said to be the most Key Generation of RSA significant development in cryptography in the last 300-Generate two large random primes of n/2 bits 400 years. In this scheme, a two-key cryptosystem 15 each, p and q, of approximately equal size such used in which two parties could engage in a secure that their product N =pq is of the required bit communication over a non-secure communication length, e.g. 1024 bits channel without having to share a secret key, e.g.,
doi:10.1109/iadcc.2009.4809104 fatcat:c4eahhg4qbe6fest764flwtfji