Two-dimensional time evolution of beam-plasma instability in the presence of binary collisions

S. F. Tigik, L. F. Ziebell, P. H. Yoon, E. P. Kontar
2016 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
Energetic electrons produced during solar flares are known to be responsible for generating solar type III radio bursts. The radio emission is a byproduct of Langmuir wave generation via beam-plasma interaction and nonlinear wave-wave and wave-particle interaction processes. In addition to type III radio bursts, electrons traveling downwards toward the chromosphere lead to the hard X-ray emission via electron-ion collisions. Recently, the role of Langmuir waves on the X-ray-producing electrons
more » ... roducing electrons has been identified as important, because Langmuir waves may alter the electron distribution, thereby affecting the X-ray profile. Both Coulomb collisions and wave-particle interactions lead electrons to scattering and energy exchange that necessitates considering the two-dimensional (2D) problem in velocity space. The present paper investigates the influence of binary collisions on the beam-plasma instability development in 2D in order to elucidate the nonlinear dynamics of Langmuir waves and binary collisions. The significance of the present findings in the context of solar physics is discussed.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201527271 fatcat:iiqlxyowyfayddgl75lmq4kff4