The Hidden Subgroup Problem [article]

Frédéric Wang
2010 arXiv   pre-print
We give an overview of the Hidden Subgroup Problem (HSP) as of July 2010, including new results discovered since the survey of arXiv:quant-ph/0411037v1. We recall how the problem provides a framework for efficient quantum algorithms and present the standard methods based on coset sampling. We study the Dihedral and Symmetric HSPs and how they relate to hard problems on lattices and graphs. Finally, we conclude with the known solutions and techniques, describe connections with efficient
more » ... s as well as miscellaneous variants of HSP. We also bring various contributions to the topic. We show that in theory, we can solve HSP over a given group inductively: the base case is solving HSP over its simple factor groups and the inductive step is building efficient oracles over a normal subgroup N and over the factor group G/N. We apply this analysis to the Dedekindian HSP to get an alternative abelian HSP algorithm based on a change of the underlying group. We also propose a quotient reduction by the normal group obtained via Weak Fourier Sampling. We compute the exact expression of Strong Fourier Sampling over the dihedral group, showing how the previous reduction is natural and matches the standard one. We also give a reduction of rigid graph isomorphism problem to HSP over the alternating group. For this group and other simple groups, we propose maximal subgroup reduction as a possible approach. We also analyse Regev's algorithm for the poly(n)-uniqueSVP, prove how the degree of the polynomial is related to the oracle complexity used and we suggest several variants.
arXiv:1008.0010v1 fatcat:mwrv3xffmzdsdg3izn6nuximym