Analysis of Rotor-Stator Interaction of a Pump-Turbine with Splitter Blades in a Pump Mode

Haiqin Song, Jinfeng Zhang, Ping Huang, Haikun Cai, Puyu Cao, Bo Hu
2020 Mathematics  
The pump-turbine is the core component of a pumped storage power station. This paper considers an in-depth analysis of the rotor-stator interaction characteristics under computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and experimental measurements of pump-turbine with splitter blades used in a domestic pumped storage power station. The results show that as the guide blade opening increases, the rotor-stator interaction of the pump-turbine intensifies and the magnitude of the runner radial force and its
more » ... tion amplitude as well as the magnitude of the guide blade water moment and its pulsation amplitude also increase. In addition, when the opening degree increases from 9.8° to 17.5°, the influence on the main frequency is mainly reflected in the phase change. While the opening degree increases from 17.5° to 24.8°, the influence on the main frequency is mainly reflected in the amplitude change. Moreover, the amplitude of 5fn at opening 9.8° and opening 24.8° is greater than the optimal opening 17.5°, indicating that deviation from the optimal opening will aggravate the difference of rotor-stator interaction between splitter blades and guide blades. In the paper, the influence of guide blade openings on the rotor-stator interaction between the splitter guide blade is studied, which provides a theoretical reference for the stable operation of the pump-turbine.
doi:10.3390/math8091465 fatcat:cyax2sw3yng55jmedobmd7wh3e