Compressors Surge Suppression in Asmari Kupal Gas Station Based on Smart Control Technique

Malek Ghanavati, Karim Salahshoor, Mohammad Reza, Jahed Motlagh, Amin Ramazani
Surge and rotating stall phenomena are two dynamic instabilities that occur in both axial and centrifugal compressors. Surge is the stream instability phenomenon in compressor that imposes severe damages to the compressors. Nowadays, suppressing surge phenomenon is one of the most important issues in oil and gas industries, especially when flow reduction or gas reflux is considered. This research seeks to extract the required technical information about control lines, surge lines, and to
more » ... a new combined method to determine the performance curve of 6 rows of gas compressors in Asmari Kupal gas pressure boost station (National Iranian South Oil Company) made in Germany by MAN BORSIG Company, and to design a smart controller in order to increase the reliability of the control system and improve the machine performance. Finally, the system performance validity is shown by simulating a surge characteristic curve and implementing two points of the compressor operation condition.