Mortality in Boston for 1832

1903 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
abdominal surgery in New England and in this country. His first ovariotomy was done in 1872. His first five cases, of which only one was a simple cyst without adhesions, were done without antiseptic precautions, and all died. In 1877 he; began to use the carbolic, spray and had his first recovery. The following year he operated on six cases with only one death. The number of cases rapidly increased. In 1882 he did -15 ovariotomies, with six deaths, and the following year 20, with only one
more » ... with only one death. After the middle of October, 1887, the spray was given up. In 1888 he operated on 40 cases without tho spray, with two deaths. In 18!)!) there; were 18 operations, all ending in recovery. In all, between 1S7'2 and 1900, Dr. Homans performed 001 ovariotomies; of these 285 were done under carbolic spray, with .'¡2 deaths; anil 251 were done without the spray hut with aseptic precautions, with 25 deaths, the large majority of these; later fatal cases, however, were complicated by cancer. In April, 1881, he began to do abdominal hysterectomies, and up to 1887 he had 10 deaths and 17 recoveries, In 1887 he improved what he considered a faulty technique, and from this year to 18!)7 lie did 112 abdominal hysterectomies, with 15 deaths. Ho was one of the; first, to operate upon the appendix, that is, to open the peritoneal cavity in search of an abscess in that region. This is a brief and Imperfect outline of some of his work In abdominal surgery. The real value of his serv-
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