Proton-proton correlations in dp and 16Op interactions

Viktor Glagolev, Gabriela Martinská, Jan Mušinský, Jozef Urbán, Khosim Olimov, Anvar Yuldashev
2011 Open Physics  
AbstractCorrelations between two protons emitted in dp and 16Op collisions at momenta 3.3 GeV/c and 52.6 GeV/c, respectively, are presented. The experimental data have been obtained using the one metre hydrogen bubble chamber exposed to nuclear beams from the synchrophasotron, JINR, Dubna. Data show a clear interference effect as expected for identical fermions. A Gaussian parametrization is used to determine the size of the proton emission source. The root mean square radius of the proton
more » ... e calculated from the correlation function has been found to be equal to (2.10−0.35+0.43) fm and (2.67−0.38+0.54) fm for d and 16O respectively. It agrees with the known radii of these nuclei.
doi:10.2478/s11534-011-0056-x fatcat:iou7ivgpbzb5xferhf6sxxqkey