N. Pera, N. Saidin
2021 Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences  
This study aims to (1) analyze the factors that affect the innovation function of android-based extension media in lowland rice farming on the application of five farming, (2) obtain a model of the innovation function of android-based extension media on rice farming to the application office farming. The method of this research is experimental research with posttest design and posttest control group design and data analysis with structural equation modeling (SEM) using a sample of 60 farmers.
more » ... le of 60 farmers. The result is that the loading value of the constructs of the sustainability of farming (economic, environmental and social aspects) is 0.984, 0.961 and 0.960, which are higher than the cross loading indicators of other latent constructs. KEY WORDS Android application, extension media, rice field, five farming principal. Human civilization and communication move according to human needs for information from using communication symbols to communication using technology. At any time along with the penetration of mobile, hundreds of millions of global population connected to each other generate, and publish information all over the world using android based communication media. The process of rapidly developing information also occurs in agriculture. Mobile and social media applications in agricultural extension continue to develop. At the same time, there is a global realization for a "New Extension" with new capacities and changing roles to address challenges in agricultural development and also to ensure food security for a growing global population. A number of innovative mobile phone and social media applications have emerged and are experimenting to fulfill the new and expanded role of extension. The research of Aravanan R. and Suchiradipta B. (2013) shows that the use of Android-based mobile phones and social media can facilitate agricultural extension to shift from "information facilitation to enabling innovation and empowerment" among stakeholders in agricultural innovation systems. Extension material can not only be delivered verbally, face to face and demonstrations by agricultural extension workers but can use other media that can explain the material in more detail, attract attention, give a deep impression so that farmers do not easily forget it and can be repeated if the material presented is lacking understood by farmers. Androidbased extension media is one of the media that can be designed so that it can convey information in an interesting and inspiring way to do what is conveyed because there are elements of motion pictures, text, sound, color. This is confirmed by the results of research by Lu te you and Chang Y. H (2016) showing that the use of media can improve the distribution of information technology and can help farmers in information literacy so that they can increase the production of agricultural products. Extension materials were delivered by Agriculture Extension Workers (AEW) to farmers in Sri Agung and Rawa Medang villages through face-to-face communication and AEW rarely used extension media as a tool to clarify the material presented. Extension activities that rarely use extension media can cause farmers to often forget the material presented by AEW so that if farmers want to ask AEW they sometimes have to wait a few more days to meet AEW who only visit 3-4 times a month. The limited intensity of AEW visits has resulted in the embrace of the media which can replace the role of AEW if the information conveyed by AEW is not understood by farmers. In addition, the role of the media can also replace AEW if AEW is unable to attend. Extension
doi:10.18551/rjoas.2021-01.08 fatcat:slcuup7lqbgk3dxkthsxevmeqy