Mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer in the presence of physical-chemical processes

A Askarova, S Bolegenova, Symbat Bolegenova, V Maximov, R Manatbayev, Zh Shortanbayeva, A Maksutkhanova, A Aldiyarova, A Boranbayeva
2016 Bulgarian Chemical Communications   unpublished
At the present time there is an increased interest to the study of heat-and-mass transfer in high temperature environments in the presence of burning. These processes occur in strong turbulent and non-isothermal flows, multiphase fluids, in the conditions of significant impact of nonlinear effects of thermal radiation, interfacial interactions and multistage chemical reactions. To solve the problems of modern power engineering and ecology it is especially important to study the processes of
more » ... -and-mass transfer in the high-temperature reacting media and to simulate physical and chemical processes that occur during the combustion of pulverized coal. These problems are related, on the one hand, to the concept of "energy safety" of the country and, on the other hand, to the development of processes of "clean" fuel combustion under strict standards of emission of harmful substances into the environment. Consider development and application the numerical model for solution of processes at combustion chamber of the thermal power plant boiler. Mathematical simulation is based on solution of physical and chemical processes occurring at burning pulverized coal in the furnace model. Three-dimensional flows, heat and mass transfer, chemical kinetics of the processes, effects of thermal radiation are considered. Obtained results give quantitative information on velocity distributions, temperature and concentration profiles of the components, the amount of combustion products including harmful substances. The numerical model becomes a tool for investigation and design of combustion chambers with high-efficiency and reliable operation of boiler at thermal power plants.