DAB Staining and Visualization of Hydrogen Peroxide in Wheat Leaves

Zhaohui Liu, Tim Friesen
2012 Bio-protocol  
The production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has been recognized as an important feature of plant cells that undergo programmed cell death (PCD) during host-pathogen interaction. Thordal-Christensen et al. (1997) first described a method using chemical 3,3-diaminobenzidine (DAB) to detect the presence and distribution of H2O2 in barley leaves challenged by the powdery mildew fungus (Thordal-Christensen et al., 1997) . Since then, this method has been adapted to many other plant species for in
more » ... detection of H2O2. Here, we describe a modified protocol to stain and visualize H2O2 production in wheat leaves during infection by the necrotrophic fungus, Stagonospora nodrum or infiltration by the necrotrophic effectors produced by the fungus. The short version of this method has been reported in Liu et al. (2012).
doi:10.21769/bioprotoc.309 fatcat:vm22nrkkdraptaqrrzjbxwkxki