Artificial Neural Network-Based Deep Learning Model for COVID-19 Patient Detection Using X-Ray Chest Images

Mohammad Shorfuzzaman, Mehedi Masud, Hesham Alhumyani, Divya Anand, Aman Singh, Dilbag Singh
2021 Journal of Healthcare Engineering  
The world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak that has affected nearly 216 countries and territories across the globe. Since the pandemic outbreak, there is a growing interest in computational model-based diagnostic technologies to support the screening and diagnosis of COVID-19 cases using medical imaging such as chest X-ray (CXR) scans. It is discovered in initial studies that patients infected with COVID-19 show abnormalities in their
more » ... images that represent specific radiological patterns. Still, detection of these patterns is challenging and time-consuming even for skilled radiologists. In this study, we propose a novel convolutional neural network- (CNN-) based deep learning fusion framework using the transfer learning concept where parameters (weights) from different models are combined into a single model to extract features from images which are then fed to a custom classifier for prediction. We use gradient-weighted class activation mapping to visualize the infected areas of CXR images. Furthermore, we provide feature representation through visualization to gain a deeper understanding of the class separability of the studied models with respect to COVID-19 detection. Cross-validation studies are used to assess the performance of the proposed models using open-access datasets containing healthy and both COVID-19 and other pneumonia infected CXR images. Evaluation results show that the best performing fusion model can attain a classification accuracy of 95.49% with a high level of sensitivity and specificity.
doi:10.1155/2021/5513679 fatcat:ofskmngn2bhcrbadl3w6qzk4mq