Effect of chopped ZrO2 fiber content on the microstructure and properties of CaO-based integral ceramic mold [post]

Qiang Yang, Fu Wang, Dichen Li
2020 unpublished
A chopped ZrO2 fiber (ZrO2 (f)) reinforced CaO-based integral ceramic mold was successfully fabricated by stereolithography (SLA) and tert-butyl alcohol (TBA)-based gel-casting, and the effect of chopped ZrO2 (f) content on properties of the ceramic mold was investigated. The results show that the ZrO2 (f) content had a significant effect on the viscosity of CaO-based ceramic slurry, which directly affects the filling ability of the ceramic slurry in complex structures of the integral mold. The
more » ... tiny structures of the ceramic mold cannot be filled completely with a ZrO2 (f) content exceed 3 vol%. When the content of ZrO2 (f) was 3 vol%, the ceramic slurry could meet the requirement of gel-casting with a viscosity of 0.84 Pa·s. The ZrO2 (f) content played an important role in tailoring properties of the ceramic mold, the sample fabricated with 3 vol% fiber content showed a harmonious microstructure and exhibited an excellent comprehensive performance with a room temperature (25 ºC) bending strength of 22.88 MPa, the elevated temperature bending strength (1200 ºC) of 15.74 MPa, the elevated temperature (1200 ºC) deflection of 0.86 mm and the sintering shrinkage of 0.40%, which can meet the requirements of casting very well.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-80172/v1 fatcat:u7hnqs6ofnd6ve3zhotgvhf42a