Motivation and Criteria in Accepting New Music Talents on YouTube

2016 Fourth International Conference On Advances In Economics, Social Science and Human Behaviour Study - ESSHBS 2016   unpublished
This quantitative study explored motivation of the public to use YouTube; and the elements of criteria, which the public are looking for to accept new talents on the User-Generated Content (UGC) sites. There are mass inputs on the net but the publics are still being very selective in accepting new talents. Thus, it is important to identify determinant factors that contribute to the acceptance of new talents on YouTube so it can be exemplary on other UGC sites. Due to time constraint, a total
more » ... ber of 236 respondents (n=236) have participated in this study using Simple Random Sampling. Data was collected using Google Forms and was analyzed with Descriptive Analysis. The findings of this paper advocate that tremendous expansion; and diversification offered by YouTube are among main factors that motivated public viewers in using YouTube on accepting new talents. It was also found that by being relatable and concurrently providing interesting contents, having the artist name and song title in the YouTube talent's title video and also the number of views and likes of the video are some of the criteria that the public are looking for in accepting new talents on the UGC sites. This paper introduces YouTube as a mean of discovering new talents in the music industry where the public, especially the younger generations, whom are actively engaged with current digital landscape that they've been presently silverplated.
doi:10.15224/978-1-63248-098-9-31 fatcat:bh57ym6p3rhatnx27od7fxg7mq