Conspicuity for Pedestrians and Bicyclists: Definition of the Problem, Development and Test of Countermeasures

This study was designed to identify and test countermeasures to improve the conspicuity of pedestrians and bicyclists. The field study, reported on in this final report was preceded by three principal analytical steps. , A comprehensive examination of the role of conspicuity, or lack thereof, in collisions between -motor vehicles and pedestrians /bicyclists was conducted coincident with the development of an operational definition of conspicuity. Existing accident data bases for bicycle/motor
more » ... hicle accidents (Cross and Fisher, 1977) and rural and suburban pedestrian crashes (Knoblauch, 1977) were re-analyzed to identify targets for countermeasure development. This analysis led to the selection of two accident types upon which to focus the countermeasure development, selection and testing processes.
doi:10.21949/1525187 fatcat:en2e45lsqrg3njl7h6ggdcz35a