C. A. Carlton
1922 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
1. 2. 3. A curve showing the variation of density with concentration of uranyl nitrate has been constructed for 24". Uranyl nitrate icositetrahydrate has been shown to be capable of existing below -20 O, forming spontaneously at about -35 ". Uranyl nitrate icositetrahydrate has been shown to exist by methods of thermal analysis; in one case by a cooling curve which might be compared to a method of synthesis, and in the other case by a heating curve, which might be regarded as a method of
more » ... a method of analysis. The existence of the 5 distinct fluorescence spectra due to a single compmnd as published by Howes has been disproved and an explanation of the cause offered. h new hydrate has been added to the uranyl nitrate series which will make possible an extension of the work 011 the effect of water of crystallization on the fluorescence and absorption spectra of these substances. Thli experimental work was performed in the laboratories of the Department of Physics of Cornel1 University while the writer was a Carnegie Research A4ssociate. 4. . BOULDER, COLORAD@ [COSTIIIHUTIOS rr(m THE I~ESEARCH LABORATORY OF THE KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRE COMPAXY ]
doi:10.1021/ja01428a012 fatcat:yd2iastt7jhq7fqfjpw4lcghae