Progress of meteorology and atmospheric science research publications in India: A scientometric analysis

Md Alam, Archana Shukla
Indian Journal of Library Science and Information Technology   unpublished
The present study explores the characteristics of the literature and growth of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science (MAS) research in India during 1960-2014, based on Web of Science (WoS) database and make quantitative and qualitative assessment by using the scientometric techniques. A total of 5015 literature were published on Meteorology and Atmospheric, which received total 46282 citations. The average number of publications per year was 119.40 and the average number of citations per
more » ... ations per publication was 9.23. The publications peaked in the year 2014 with 504 publications and the highest number of citations (3248) was in 2006. This study analyzes the research studies based on year of publication, journal, international collaboration, spatial distribution and keyword occurrence frequency. Publications on Meteorology and Atmospheric research appeared in 162 journals of which most active journal was "Atmospheric Environment" published by Elsevier from UK and 469 (9.352%) of the total 5015 publications. A total of 7654 authors contributed on Meteorology and Atmospheric research. The most active author was Moorthy, K K produced maximum no. of publications (96) of total publications. A total of 2078 institutions contributed of which Ministry of Earth Sciences; Hyderabad is the most productive institution. There were 112 Countries/territories which participated in Meteorology and Atmospheric research. USA produced maximum publications 482 that is 9.611 % of total publication with higher citations (8234). A Keyword analysis reveals that El-nino, Aerosol, Climate, Monson, Rainfall are the most used keywords.