Practical Implementation Details of Multiple Point Statistical Simulation

Chenyu Jiang
Best practice and recommendations for multiple point statistics (MPS) simulation are presented. Three main contributions are: (1) assessing the stationarity of training images (TI) and determining the characteristics of TI's that result in realizations that reproduce features found in the TI; (2) determining optimal input parameters of MPS simulation; (3) summarizing categorical merging rules when implementing MPS simulation in a hierarchical MPS methodology. Specifically, the first
more » ... is determining what type of TI is suitable for generating MPS realizations that reproduce TI features. The quality of a I also want to thank my parents and my grandparents for giving me advices and respecting my decisions at all times. iv
doi:10.7939/r3z60c71s fatcat:gy5mgalr2bg4plklk3266rum5m