Isometric embeddings of 2-spheres by embedding flow for applications in numerical relativity

Michael Jasiulek, Mikołaj Korzyński
2012 Classical and quantum gravity  
We present a numerical method for solving Weyl's embedding problem which consists of finding a global isometric embedding of a positively curved and positive-definite spherical 2-metric into the Euclidean three space. The method is based on a construction introduced by Weingarten and was used in Nirenberg's proof of Weyl's conjecture. The target embedding results as the endpoint of an embedding flow in R^3 beginning at the unit sphere's embedding. We employ spectral methods to handle functions
more » ... o handle functions on the surface and to solve various (non)-linear elliptic PDEs. Possible applications in 3+1 numerical relativity range from quasi-local mass and momentum measures to coarse-graining in inhomogeneous cosmological models.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/29/15/155010 fatcat:rqccblrqxvfbhanlcyydorq4oq