A Study on Chamber Wall Effect in the Satellite Thermal Balance Test
위성 열평형 시험에서 챔버 벽 영향에 관한 연구

2006 Journal of the Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences  
The wall of thermal vacuum chamber which is used for the satellite thermal balance test doesn't absorb satellite's IR emission perfectly and reflects some part of that. It is estimated that small thermal vacuum chamber has relatively larger wall effect than the big one. The small thermal vacuum chamber is required for the small satellite test to reduce the test cost. A quantitative analysis was carried out to investigate the chamber wall effect. As a result, temperature errors caused by chamber
more » ... wall effect was calculated, and the temperature data acquired in the thermal balance test have been compensated. By defining the optimized area ratio between chamber surface and satellite surface area, the baseline to be able to determine the minimum size of thermal vacuum chamber was established to minimize the wall effect. Also, theoretical analysis about transparent material coating which can reduce the chamber wall effect is conducted
doi:10.5139/jksas.2006.34.12.090 fatcat:ixo5bkjqzrfrhfl7vr76cs22na