Tutorial II: Variability and Its Impact on Design

K. Bowman, M. Orshansky, S.S. Sapatnekar
7th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED'06)  
wires result in significant rise in interconnect temperatures that significantly degrades electromigration reliability and can limit their current carrying capacity in the near future. State-ofthe-art CNT interconnects will be examined including their electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties as well as their fabrication issues. A comprehensive evaluation of CNT bundle interconnects vis-à-vis Cu will be presented and their impact on all aspects of VLSI circuits -performance, power
more » ... nce, power dissipation and reliability -will be quantified, while accounting for practical limitations of the technology. Finally, hybridization of CNT and Cu interconnects will be discussed as a very attractive alternative for deep nanometer scale VLSI technologies. SUMMARY: As digital designs scale down into the sub-100nm regime, the effects of variations are seen to dramatically affect the behavior of the circuit. These may arise from:
doi:10.1109/isqed.2006.141 dblp:conf/isqed/BowmanOS06 fatcat:vk5qcqung5bi5k223mvsrjtaoq