Optical transmission of corrugated metal films on a two-dimensional hetero-colloidal crystal

Zhengqi Liu, Jinting Hang, Jing Chen, Zhendong Yan, Chaojun Tang, Zhuo Chen, Peng Zhan
2012 Optics Express  
The near infrared transmission of corrugated metal films deposited on hetero-colloidal crystals is investigated. The transmission response of the quasi-three-dimensional (quasi-3D) metal film is modified by controlling the nominal thickness of a dielectric layer pre-deposited on the top surface of the colloidal crystal to form a new hetero-colloidal crystal. An extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) phenomenon could be presented in such metallodielectric (MD) architectures. We have found that
more » ... the main transmission peak is suppressed as the thickness of the intercalated dielectric layer is increased. We propose that the observed EOT is a result of constructive interference between a localized sphere-like plasmon mode and an index-guided eigen mode mainly confined in the colloidal crystal, which is confirmed by our numerical simulations. Based on the MD microstructures, a distinct plasmon sensitivity response difference is achieved, which indicates potential applications for biochemical sensing.
doi:10.1364/oe.20.009215 pmid:22513633 fatcat:jazqjjstfvbo5gxvk2bqvpowna