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1880 Scientific American  
J titutifit jtUtritllU. $200,000 WORTH OF RIFLES. Small Brass and Iron Rivets made to order by Bl ake I From It we learn that the observatory does not coufine I (2) B. R. writes: I am building a steam The Larltes t Transactio n in Sporting A r ms o n & Joh n son , Waterbury, Conn. I itself strictly to astronomical work, but extends its I yacht which is forty·f i ve feet long over aJI. I have her Record. Experts m Patent Causes and Mechanical Counsel. operations to the investigation of the
more » ... gation of the physical con· planked, and wish t o know what would be best to calk A NOTEWORTHY EVENT TO ALL SPORTSMEN. The Park Benjamin & Bro., 50 Astor lIouse, New York. I formatio � of the count ; y and to its natural productions : her with, and if marine glue would answer the purpose Evans Rifie ('. 0., manufac � urers of the world. � enowned I I . Corrugated Wrought Iron for Tires on T raction En . The r . "la:IOn � of the clImate to t � e � ealth of the ? "ople, I of p . itch for the seams, and >; hich of � he two would you twenty.six shot Evans Rlfie (whose factory IS at Me· gmes, etc. Sole mfrs., H. Lloyd, Son & Co., Pittsb'g, Pa.1 the dlstnbutIOn of plants and thelftlme of fiower m g and adVIse me to use? A. We thmk mar m eglne wonld an. chanics Falls), has b8iln complimented by both Am�ri-Malleable and Gray I ron Castings, all descriptions, by : perfecti � g their seeds; the infiuence of t ne . atmosphere , swer your purpose well. 2. What size boiler and en gine can and foreI � n manufacturers as the mo ? t extensI � e Erie Malleable Iron Company, limited, Erie, Pa. i o !, the vItal phenomena of plants; geographI ? al e � plo : a. I I would I require with a 40 inch screw ? A. Engine 8 and complete III the world, have taken a SIgnal, and m 4 tel 40 H P S E ' © 1880 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC EngJisb Patents Issued to Alll er'cans.
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