Clay Bottles

1847 Scientific American  
We have applications almost every day, for the buying of different Patent rights. One gentleman writes us from Tennessee that he desires to buy the rifiht of the hest submerged Water Wheel-one able to drive two run of tonea. Another writes us for the purpose of buying the best ma�hir,e {,n' making wrought ron nails, and ther� are applications for the purchase of almost every kind of machine.- We have in most instances been able to give direct information, or make agreements of sale, yet there
more » ... f sale, yet there afe a number of machines, which, if nventors, or patent right owners wish to !Je well known and to get good sale for the same, hey will not fail in letting us know the qualiies of their machines and their terms of sale. New Propelle ... Mr. Henry Owens, of this city, has invented a new method of pr0pelling vessels, which promises to be very important in navigation. Instead of a paddle wheel there is an endless chain of paddles, which pass over and are dri yen by two hob cylinders, or rollers. These DaddIes are set at the least possible angle for ;esistance when entering the water, and for weight by liftmg the water when leaving it . Measures are in progress to secure a patent.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08281847-388j fatcat:pfpcssm4bfa53dy3j4pss6ypfq