An Efficient Parametric Model-based Framework for Recursive Frequency/Spectrum Estimation of Nonstationary Signal

Kantipudi MVV Prasad, Dr. H.N. Suresh, Rajanikanth Aluvalu
2018 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
The manuscript intends to a design a general form of computationally efficient parametric mechanism based model to estimate the recursive frequency/spectrum and describe the nonlinear signals which consists of diverse degrees of nonlinearity and and indiscreet units. The time variant frequency estimation is defined as the as a time-varying model recognizable proof issue in which faulty/failure data are evaluated by model coefficients. In this, anestimation approach of QR-disintegration based
more » ... ursive slightest M-gauge (QRRLM) is utilized for estimation of recursive time-vareint model coefficients in non-linear environment conditionby utilizing M-estimation. Here, a Veriable Forgetting Factor Control (VFFC) are designed to enhance the exection of QRRLM mechanism in nonlinear condition. In this, a hypothetical deduction and re-enactments approaches were used which helps to perform VFFC determination. The resultant VFFC-QRRLM estimation can confine and limit the faulty unitswhile dealing with different degrees of nonlinearvariations. Recreation comes about demonstrate that the proposed VFF-QRRLM calculation is more vigorous and exact than traditional recursive minimum squares-based techniques in evaluating both time-shifting narrowband recurrence segments and broadband otherworldly segments with incautious parts. Potential uses of the proposed technique can be found in quality force checking, online deficiency location, and discourse examination.
doi:10.14419/ijet.v7i4.6.20227 fatcat:uqgciqbuzzghzibmwuquthx2s4