Molecular detection of diarrheagenic entrotoxigenic escherichia coli (ETEC) from calves fecal samples in Alborz province

Pourtaghi-Shotorban, Dahpahlevan, Shaghayegh, Badiee
2011 Clin.Res   unpublished
Entrotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) infection is one of the most common type of calves colibacillosis. The main virulence attributes to ETEC are adhesions (especially K99 and F41 fimberia) and neurotoxins (specially heat stable toxin). In the present study we detected ETEC from E.coli that were isolated from diarrheic calves at 1-30 days old in Alborz province. Therefore, we conducted molecular study based detection of virulence genes K99, F41 and Sta during May to November 2010. Among 60
more » ... r 2010. Among 60 isolated E.coli from calves diarrhea six (10%) ETEC were detected. All the positive cases were calves with less than 7 days old, which 5 cases (83/3) were less than 4 days old. All detected ETEC possed three virulent genes.