Majorana fermions in a superconducting Mobius strip [article]

Yuan Pang, Jie Shen, Junhua Wang, Junya Feng, Fanming Qu, Zhaozhen Lyu, Jie Fan, Guangtong Liu, Zhongqing Ji, Xiunian Jing, Changli Yang, Qingfeng Sun, X. C. Xie (+2 others)
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Recently, much attention has been paid to search for Majorana fermions in solid-state systems. Among various proposals there is one based on radio-frequency superconducting quantum interference devices (rf-SQUIDs), in which the appearance of 4π-period energy-phase relations is regarded as smoking-gun evidence of Majorana fermion states. Here we report the observation of truncated 4π-period (i.e., 2π-period but fully skewed) oscillatory patterns of contact resistance on rf-SQUIDs constructed on
more » ... he surface of three-dimensional topological insulator Bi_2Te_3. The results reveal the existence of 1/2 fractional modes of Cooper pairs and the occurrence of parity switchings, both of which are necessary signatures accompanied with the formation of Majorana fermion states.
arXiv:1503.00838v2 fatcat:grqyfmgrwfdbzipmidyddhmq3e