Impact on Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Response of Nickel-Based Super-Alloy GH4169 Subjected to Warm Laser Shock Peening [post]

Ying Lu, Yuling Yang, Jibin Zhao, Yuqi Yang, Hongchao Qiao, Xianliang Hu, Jiajun Wu, Boyu Sun
2020 unpublished
Laser shock peening as an innovative surface treatment technology can effectively improve the fatigue life, sur-face hardness, corrosion resistance, and residual compressive stress. Compared with the laser shock peening, the warm laser shock peening (WLSP) is a new surface treatment technology to improve materials' surface performances, which takes advantage of thermal mechanical effects on stress strengthening and micro-structure strengthening, results in more stable distribution of the
more » ... ution of the residual compressive stress under heating and cyclic loading process. In this paper, the microstructure of GH4169 nickel super-alloy processed by WLSP technology with differ-ent laser parameters were investigated. The proliferation and tangling of dislocations in GH4169 were observed and the dislocation density increased after WLSP treatment. The influences of different treatment by LSP and WLSP on the microhardness distribution of the surface and along cross-sectional depth were investi-gated. The microstructure evolution of the GH4169 alloy being shocked with WLSP were studied by TEM. The effect of temperature on the stability of high temperature microstructure and properties of GH4169 alloy WLP was investigated.
doi:10.20944/preprints202009.0369.v1 fatcat:ycgci3fh7ve4thqourx3ixkww4