Albizia lebbeck seed extract as effective corrosion inhibitor for Mild steel in acid medium

Petchiammal Arumugam, Selvaraj Subbiah, Kalirajan Kannusamy
2013 unpublished
The inhibitive performance of alcoholic extract of Albizia lebbeck seed towards the corrosion of Mild steel in 1N Hydrochloric acid medium has been studied by mass loss measurement with various periods of contact and temperature. The present study revealed that the percentage of inhibition efficiency is enhanced with the increase of inhibitor concentration and decreased with the rise in immersion time. The temperature studies reflect that the adsorption of inhibitor on metal surface takes place
more » ... surface takes place via physisorption. The calculated values of Q ads and ∆G ads suggested that the adsorption may be an exothermic and spontaneous process. It was found that the adsorption of ALS inhibitor follows Langmuir adsorption isotherm. The protective film formed on the metal surface may be also confirmed by spectral studies. Abstract Keywords: Mild steel, corrosion, inhibition, Albizia lebbeck seed, mass loss, adsorption isotherm.