Ouverture de 'Market-Driven Management and Global Markets - 1'

Silvio M. Brondoni, Silvio M. Brondoni
2008 Symphonya Emerging Issues in Management  
Global markets endorse the principles of market-space competition, where competition space represents a factor of competition. Firms compete with one another in extensive markets, without geographical and administrative boundaries; they adopt highly flexible managerial directions, featuring the absolute predominance of intangible assets and aimed at exploiting global economies of scale, focused on dimension and relationship. Global markets redefine market-space competition and substantiate
more » ... l managerial economics. The distinctive features of these are: asset management without physical or administrative limits; increasingly sophisticated products which are rapidly rendered obsolete because they are easily imitable at decreasing cost; competitive interrelations, developed between transnational networks, which go far beyond the multinational (or multidomestic). Globalisation changes corporate organisation and the role of strategic alliances, imposing collaborative network strategies on groups of firms with competitive relations; these then tend to form 'closed' relationships of cooperation to pursue a global vision in keeping with their huge corporate size.
doi:10.4468/2008.1.01ouverture fatcat:qwygoli7pnaghbqez4ni7hkgbu