Character Education Base on Local Wisdom in Aceh (Study on Tradition of Children Education in Aceh Community)

Sri Astuti A. Samad
2015 Al-Ulum  
This study explains about education of children character which base on local wisdoms in Aceh community. The study used historical, sociological and anthropological approach. The local wisdoms have dealt with Islamic religion which is strongly practiced by Aceh community. Religion and Aceh local wisdoms have become part of Aceh community identity for a long time. In this regard, it can be seen in hadih majah (quotes of Aceh): �hukom ngon adat lagee zat ngon sifeut�, it means that religion and
more » ... adition are like substance and attribute that cannot be separated. Children education in Acehnese tradition has several phases namely: azan and iqamah, boh nan (naming of child), peutron aneuk (bringing of child into the ground), aqiqah (sacrificing of goat for new-born baby), doda idi (singing and telling story to the child), euntat beut (bringing of child to Islamic school to recitate the holy Quran), peutamat beut (make special party for children after their finishing recitating of the holy Quran). The result of this study shows that those traditions were very important identities to the children of Aceh particularly to perform a good characters and personalities. It also can grow values of tauhid, kindness, togetherness, and intelligence.
doi:10.30603/au.v15i2.206 fatcat:cch6pe7qbnbwte7egyfsknq4t4