Smart Contract-Based Agricultural Food Supply Chain Traceability

Lu. Wang, Longqin. Xu, Zhiying. Zheng, Shuangyin. Liu, Xiangtong. Li, Liang. Cao, Jingbin. Li, Chuanheng Sun
2021 IEEE Access  
The complexity of a supply chain makes product safety or quality issues extremely difficult to track, especially for the basic agricultural food supply chains of people's daily diets. The existing agricultural food supply chains present several major problems, such as numerous participants, inconvenient communication caused by long supply chain cycles, data distrust between participants and the centralized system. The emergence of blockchain technology effectively solves the pain-point problem
more » ... xisting in the traceability system of agricultural food supply chains. This paper proposes a framework based on the consortium and smart contracts to track and trace the workflow of agricultural food supply chains, implement traceability and shareability of supply chains, and break down the information islands between enterprises as much as possible to eliminate the need for the central institutions and agencies and improve the integrity of the transaction records, reliability and security. At the same time, farmers record details of the environment and crop growth data in the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and store file IPFS hashes in smart contracts, which not only increases data security but also alleviates the blockchain storage explosion problem. This framework has been applied in Shanwei Lvfengyuan Modern Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Although there are still many defects, the framework has successfully realized functions such as disintermediation and tracing of agricultural product information through QR codes. Thus, the framework proposed in this paper is of great significance and reference value for enterprises to ensure product quality and safety traceability.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3050112 fatcat:wo7kczpvdjccho3pbvidw3q22y