Using haptic feedbacks for obstacle avoidance in helicopter flight

L. Binet, T. Rakotomamonjy, C. Vallet, D. Choukroun, C. Philippe, A. Nebylov, M. Ganet
2018 Progress in Flight Dynamics, Guidance, Navigation, and Control – Volume 10   unpublished
An obstacle avoidance function based on haptic feedback has been developed and tested on a simulation environment at ONERA. The objective was to calculate and provide e©cient haptic feedback through active (motorized) sidesticks for the piloting task of a rotary wing (RW) aircraft, in the vicinity of visible and known obstacles, corresponding to emergency avoidance procedure, or navigation in a congested area. Two di¨erent methods have been designed to generate the force bias based on virtual
more » ... rce ¦elds (VFF) surrounding obstacles and on a geometric approach (GA) combined with τ -theory, respectively. Piloted simulations were performed in order to evaluate the bene¦ts for obstacle avoidance.
doi:10.1051/eucass/201810047 fatcat:zpuurddrfva33kaolwhqdvzu5u