Internet of Entities (IoE): a Blockchain-based Distributed Paradigm to Security [article]

Roberto Saia
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The exponential growth of wireless-based solutions, such as those related to the mobile smart devices (e.g., smart-phones and tablets) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has lead to countless advantages in every area of our society. Such a scenario has transformed the world a few decades back, dominated by latency, into a new world based on an efficient real-time interaction paradigm.Recently, cryptocurrency have contributed to this technological revolution, the fulcrum of which are a
more » ... alization model and a certification function offered by the so-called blockchain infrastructure, which make it possible to certify the financial transactions, anonymously. However, it should be observed how this challenging scenario has generated new security problems directly related to the involved new technologies (e.g., e-commerce frauds, mobile bot-net attacks, blockchain DoS attacks, cryptocurrency scams, etc.). In this context, we can acknowledge that the scientific community efforts are usually oriented toward specific solutions, instead to exploit all the available technologies, synergistically, in order to define more efficient security paradigms. This paper aims to indicate a possible approach able to improve the security of people and things by introducing a novel paradigm to security defined Internet of Entities (IoE). It is a mechanism for the localization of people and things, which exploits both the huge number of existing wireless-based devices and the blockchain-based distributed ledger technology, overcoming the limits of traditional localization approaches, but without jeopardizing the user privacy. Its operation is based on two core elements with interchangeable roles, entities and trackers, which can be very common elements such as smart-phones, tablets, and IoT devices, and its implementation requires minimal efforts thanks to the existing infrastructures and devices.
arXiv:1808.08809v1 fatcat:jmxcryaofzgthmq2pu24zmgdr4