Antioxidant Content of Aronia Infused Beer

Alexander Jahn, Juyeong Kim, Khawaja Muhammad Imran Bashir, Man gi Cho
2020 Fermentation  
Beer is a fermented beverage in which antioxidants can contribute to the oxidative stability and nutraceutical properties of the product. Aronia berries are antioxidant-rich fruits of distinct sour and astringent taste, limiting their culinary uses. Previously, fermentation has proven to be effective in the removal of astringent tastes from various fruit juices. In this study, a single malt pale ale was produced and infused with Aronia berries under various process conditions by adding the
more » ... by adding the antioxidant-rich fruits at different stages of the beer brewing process. The polyphenol content, antioxidant potential and color were determined. There was a positive correlation between the Aronia amount added and antioxidant capacity. Higher concentrations of added Aronia also increased the polyphenol content and EBC color rating, while no change in the resulting pH was observed. An increase in the Aronia amount increased the attenuation, showing a positive effect on sugar utilization during fermentation. The addition of Aronia after the boil yielded the highest coloration and antioxidative capacity, while addition before the boil yielded a similar antioxidative capacity with a lower EBC rating. Taken together, the infusion of pale ale with Aronia berries can increase the EBC rating, polyphenol content and antioxidative capacity of the beer.
doi:10.3390/fermentation6030071 fatcat:37a2jsx7s5a55klaizeko2ogne