Music and Painting

1851 Scientific American  
________ ______ __ S_a_ · ttrt __ i_fi _t_a _m __ �_·t_4_n_ . __ ______ __ ____ __ � '! . , \ side of the fire pla.ce, or the use of two such ing their coil, a.nd simultaneouoly therewith, of the woods, a.nd the mea.dows ena.melled with a.nd their frames in connection with the fire wind a.nd unwind helica.l springs, a.round a. thouoa.nd flowers. And He ha.s ta.ught us, pla.ce, a.ll essentia.lIy a.s before sta.ted. the spindle, a.nd thus Clmse them to a.ct (by too, to our Benses of
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doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03081851-198 fatcat:p4nlglolhrgolnilo4ex3dvbdm