An open virtual testbed for industrial control system security research

Bradley Reaves, Thomas Morris
2012 International Journal of Information Security  
ICS security has been a topic of scrutiny and research for several years, and many security issues are well known. However, research efforts are impeded by a lack of an open virtual industrial control system testbed for security research. This thesis describes a virtual testbed framework using Python to create discrete testbed components (including virtual devices and process simulators). This testbed is designed such that the testbeds are interoperable with real ICS devices and that the
more » ... testbeds can provide comparable ICS network behavior to a laboratory testbed. Two testbeds based on laboratory testbeds have been developed and have been shown to be interoperable with real industrial control system equipment and vulnerable to attacks in the same manner as a real system. Additionally, these testbeds have been quantitatively shown to produce traffic close to laboratory systems (within 90% similarity on most metrics). DEDICATION To Sarah. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This thesis would not be possible without the support of a number of people. I would first like to thank my advisor, Dr. Thomas Morris, for his help and guidance over the years. I would also like to thank Dr. Dandass and Dr. Vaughn for their encouragement and helpful advice. Discussions with Jacob Brodsky about wireless insecurity and ICS security in general were enlightening. Terry Brugger provided source code which inspired my implementation of similarity metrics. Wei Gao's help with maintaining the MSU ICS security laboratory and attack code is greatly appreciated.
doi:10.1007/s10207-012-0164-7 fatcat:hy5anvwwtfbplcmyaj4rcjiycq