Preliminary experimental studies of whispered voice: subglottal pressure and postural aspects
Etudes expérimentales préiminaires de la voix chuchotée: pression sous-glottique et étude posturale

A Lagier, M Vaugoyeau, T Legou, A Ghio, B Amy de la Bretèque, Ch Assaiante, A Giovanni
2010 Revue de laryngologie - otologie - rhinologie  
Whispered voice is investigated from the energetic point of view. Our hypothese is that whispered voice, and mainly the forced whispers are very similar to vocal effort, for non acoustic vocal parameters, and body movements. Two experiments are combined. The first experiment focused on the laryngeal aspects, mainly the subglottal pressure, and also the electroglottography. The second experiment analyzed the body movements associated with loud whispered voice. No electroglottograhic wave was
more » ... grahic wave was observed during the two experiments. The vocal intensity was always lower during whispered voice than during comfortable voice (p < 0.001). In experiment 1, subglottal pressure was significantly higher during forced whisper than during the other conditions (p < 0.001). In experiment 2, the amplitude of the trunk movements in the sagittal plane were greater during loud whisper than during comfortable voice (p < 0.001). Whispered voice can be close to vocal loading, especially the loud whispered voice.
pmid:21086655 fatcat:gh2nc7orljatnnhwnhdbnik4am