Vibration and Damping Analysis of Pipeline System Based on Partially Piezoelectric Active Constrained Layer Damping Treatment

Yuanlin Zhang, Xuefeng Liu, Weichong Rong, Peixin Gao, Tao Yu, Huawei Han, Langjun Xu
2021 Materials  
Pipelines work in serious vibration environments caused by mechanical-based excitation, and it is thus challenging to put forward effective methods to reduce the vibration of pipelines. The common vibration control technique mainly uses the installation of dampers, constrained layer damping materials, and an optimized layout to control the vibration of pipelines. However, the passive damping treatment has little influence on the low frequency range of a pipeline system. Active control
more » ... e control technology can obtain a remarkable damping effect. An active constrained layer damping (ACLD) system with piezoelectric materials is proposed in this paper. This paper aims to investigate the vibration and damping effect of ACLD pipeline under fixed support. The finite element method is employed to establish the motion equations of the ACLD pipeline. The effect of the thickness and elastic modulus of the viscoelastic layer, the laying position, and the coverage of ACLD patch, and the voltage of the piezoelectric material are all considered. The results show that the best damping performance can be obtained by selecting appropriate control parameters, and it can provide effective design guidance for active vibration control of a pipeline system.
doi:10.3390/ma14051209 pmid:33806635 fatcat:tsla3r4pqbaupfsovtboewt7ai