Tensor Modes from a Primordial Hagedorn Phase of String Cosmology

Robert H. Brandenberger, Ali Nayeri, Subodh P. Patil, Cumrun Vafa
2007 Physical Review Letters  
It has recently been shown that a Hagedorn phase of string gas cosmology can provide a causal mechanism for generating a nearly scale-invariant spectrum of scalar metric fluctuations, without the need for an intervening period of de Sitter expansion. In this paper we compute the spectrum of tensor metric fluctuations (gravitational waves) in this scenario, and show that it is also nearly scale-invariant. However, whereas the spectrum of scalar modes has a small red-tilt, the spectrum of tensor
more » ... spectrum of tensor modes has a small blue tilt, unlike what occurs in slow-roll inflation. This provides a possible observational way to distinguish between our cosmological scenario and conventional slow-roll inflation.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.98.231302 pmid:17677896 fatcat:hc3wt35nwfax3iqeuxd75lkgf4