Synthesis and metallation of a novel anthracene ligand architecture for development of structural models of mono [Fe]-hydrogenase [article]

Spencer Austin Kerns
Herein reported is the design and synthesis of a novel ligand architecture for the development of synthetic model complexes of mono [Fe]-hydrogenase. The ligand utilizes a functionalized anthracene scaffold that spatially directs fac-coordination of the C NH N py S thiol donors characteristic of the active site. Metallation of the ligand was performed with [Fe(CO) 4 Br 2 ] in the absence and presence of various bases in order to develop iron dicarbonyl complexes of relevance to the active site
more » ... f mono [Fe]hydrogenase. The choice of base serves an important role in mediating reactivity and affords different complexes as evidenced by IR spectroscopy.
doi:10.15781/t2154dt7q fatcat:2vv6pqbydfdffd24hzqroouz5i