The importance of water and conscious use of water

Zeyneb Kılıç
2020 International Journal of Hydrology  
Water is one of the most essential needs for life. About 0.3% of the water resources in the world are usable. Water shortages already exist in many regions, with more than one billion people without adequate drinking water. This situation is one of the most important indicators of why we should be very sensitive and conscious towards our water resources.As the world population increases need water also increases.However, as a result of different effects and especially human activities, water
more » ... ctivities, water resources are decreasing, polluted and still used unconsciously.Water use has doubled increased between the years 1940-1980 and is faced with the danger of water shortages in many countries such as Turkey.Therefore, it is necessary to take and implement measures as soon as possible and we have to use water resources carefully. The aim of this study is to review the literature on the subject, to better understand the importance of water and to evaluate the issues such as preventing water pollution and waste from a theoretical perspective.
doi:10.15406/ijh.2020.04.00250 fatcat:kbfss6wzu5hdzpks2v7bfp5p6u