Gear damage detection and diagnosis system based on COM module

Renping Shao, Wentao Hu, Jingming Cao
2011 Procedia Engineering  
Empirical Mode Decomposition (short for EMD) based on time scale of local property of signal, is a self-adaptive signal disassembling and a new time-frequency analysis method. Using EMD and combining with the advantages of MATLAB and VC + +, a virtual instrument system of gear damage detection and diagnosis is developed by a mixed programming method. The interface is designed by VC + +, the calculation of test data, signal processing and graphical display are completed by MATLAB. Using COM
more » ... LAB. Using COM module technology, it calls the *.m file conversion program in VC++. A different kind and multifunctional gear fault diagnosis software system is successfully empoldered, which possesses some functions, including the introduction of gear vibration signals, signal processing, feature extraction, graphics display, fault detection and diagnosis. Based on the validation of testing results, the system can be effectively used to detect damage and diagnose fault for gear system, and the proposed system can be to realize the function of Virtual Instrument. Thanks to using COM module technology, the expansion of systemic capabilities and software upgrades become much easier.
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.08.431 fatcat:ifoxmbpypjglxlyyhc37yh6zv4