Lithofacies and physical properties of 350-m-long GS-SB-1 core, central Kanto plain, Japan
関東平野中央部,埼玉県菖蒲町で掘削された350 mボーリングコア(GS-SB-1)の層相と堆積物物性

Masaaki Yamaguchi, Kiyohide Mizuno, Tomonori Naya, Misao Hongo, Hiroomi Nakazato, Tsutomu Nakazawa
A 350-m-long sediment core, the GS-SB-1, was recovered at Shobu Town, central Kanto plain. This core was obtained to achieve a standard stratigraphy of the Lower to Upper Pleistocene subsurface geology in the central Kanto plain. This paper describes basic lithofacies, tephras and physical properties of the GS-SB-1. Physical properties including density, elastic wave velocity, spontaneous potential, and electric resistivity were measured. Sixty-nine facies units (unit 1 to unit 69 in descending
more » ... order) were identified and their relation to physical properties was discussed. Thirty-nine tephras were found from GS-SB-1 core, and two of them correlate to the Ontake Pm-1 tephra (9.90-10.90m in depth, ca 100ka), and the Ks5 tephra (182.85-182.87m in depth). Stratigraphic boundary between the Shimosa Group and the Kazusa Group is situated between 165m and 184m in depth. Nine marine deposits were identi ed based on sedimentary facies and diatom assemblages reported by Naya et al. (2009).
doi:10.9795/bullgsj.60.147 fatcat:gtpcem3ow5dsvmrx2sf5xn4xwu