Influence of Bacillus anthracis 34F2 Sterne Antigen Preparations in Combination with Cobaltarabinogalactan on the Subpopulation Structure of B-lymphocytes (Communication 2)

V. V. Voytkova, V. I. Dubrovina, S. V. Lukyanov, O. V. Yuryeva, O. B. Kol'Esnikova, K. M. Korytov, G. P. Aleksandrova, V. P. Iljin, S. V. Balakhonov
2015 Epidemiology and Vaccine Prevention  
Study of Bacillus anthracis 34F2 Sterne antigenic preparation S-2 and its combined use with nanostructured cobalt-arabinogalaktan (Со-АG) is presented. The ability of these preparations to stimulate proliferation and differentiation of B-lymphocytes is demonstrated. However, content of the B-lymphocyte circulating subpopulations depends on the time of observation. Co-AG exhibits adjuvant properties enhanced the immunogenic features of the S-2 B. anthracis 34F2 Sterne that may indicate its
more » ... bility as an adjuvant in the construction of chemical vaccines.
doi:10.31631/2073-3046-2015-14-2-107-112 fatcat:a5dwoegbtnfopogc4eimo5knm4